Drinking Jenga

I love board games. And wine. And I love when they go together.

A friend recently brought her favorite board game to a party at our home- I was not immediately thrilled when I saw it was Jenga. However, once the tower was assembled and the first tile carefully removed, we discovered that rules and tasks and challenges were written on the underside of each wooden block, and so began the most fun I have ever had with the game of Jenga.

Of course I promptly bought my own Jenga game on my Amazon iPhone app (something that seems to get the most use between the hours of 9pm and 3am on Fridays and Saturdays) and set to work designing my own version of Drinking Jenga. I quickly realized that coming up with 56 unique and clever crowd-pleasing drinking rules was much easier said than done. I turned, of course, to Google, but even extensive internet research came up short. So I have decided to post my Drinking Jenga rules for the next poor soul who types “Drinking Jenga” into a search engine. You’re welcome, and cheers.



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10 responses to “Drinking Jenga

  1. WangChung

    Next time, use a font that’s readable without zooming in to 200%

  2. Anonymous

    Love it!

  3. Nice Shared! Love it… :)

  4. Thanks for the post and the great idea!

  5. I think that most of these suggestions are actually pulled from the drinking Jenga site I put up for me and my friends years ago at http://www.connactivity.com/~csniezek/Jenga/jengalist.html

    I don’t mind sharing, but please give credit where it’s due.

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